Frequently Asked Questions, answered:


Q - Are you Ofsted registered?

A - No. As we are a specialised camp with no more than two subjects (performing arts and arts & crafts) we do not need to register. Please refer to the Ofsted website for more information. Please note we still stick to Ofsted ratios. For more information what qualifications and insurances CLHC hold please refer to our home page.


Q - Do you accept childcare vouchers?

A - Unfortunately not, our payment methods are bank transfer and cash.



Q - Do I have to book for a full week?

A - No, you can book for as many or as little days as preferred.



Q - If my child is booked on until 1.30pm do they need a packed lunch?

A - Yes, our lunchtime is at 12.15pm.



Q - Are there time limits?

A - Yes, only for our 3 and 4 years olds who must be collected at the 1.30pm pick up time.


Q - What happens if my child is sick?

A - Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, however we are happy for you to transfer the day over to a future camp.



Q - If I book on for a couple of days and then midway through the week decide I'd like the full week, do I still get the weekly discount?

A - No, to get a full week discount this must be booked before the start of camps in one booking, not in two parts. If extra days are added on through a week of camps these must be made in full payment.



Q - My child isn't potty trained, can they still attend?

A - Unfortunately not. We require all children to be toilet trained to attend camps.

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